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Newborn Photoshoot


I absolutely LOVE newborn photography sessions! It’s all just way too cute! Babies don’t stay small for very long, so photographing them during their first few weeks is all that much more important. Often, by the time you get home and settled, figure out your routine, the first few months have flown by and it is too late for the teeny tiny, just born photographs.

 My aim is to provide you with beautiful, super cute, timeless photographs of your brand new baby, photographs that you will treasure forever.

I have a selection of baskets, bowls, blankets and wraps, little girl hats and little boy hats along with various other props and outfits, and I am always adding to the collection.

I will only pose your baby in to natural poses simply because I think that these are the cutest, however the poses that we get on the day completely depend on your little one. Some babies prefer to be on their side/front/back and others really are not bothered!

 Our session will take place in my studio, I am based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. The typical session is 3-4 hours, many babies are light sleepers or are just too cute to stop taking pictures of!

It is best to book your after you have your 20 week scan and don't worry if your little one is early or late, I only take on a handful of newborns each month so that I will have space for you. I am also one of the only newborn photographers in the area that take on newborns up until they are 6 weeks old!

Sitter/Baby Photoshoot

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How did your little one grow up so quickly? Now your baby is able to sit up all on their own! I bet you can’t quite get your head around how quickly the last six months have gone. In the first year your baby will go through so many changes and baby photography is so important to capture these changes.

I love the newborn stage, when your baby is all sleepy and curly, however as they grow up, their little personalities shine through and I can tell you, there is no better sound in the world than hearing your baby’s very own giggles.

The best time for baby photography is between 6 and 9 months old, when your baby is able to sit up unaided and not able to wonder off yet. This stage really is so adorable, your baby will have their cute squidgy baby rolls, which will start to disappear once your baby starts to crawl and walk.

At this point their personality will be starting to emerge and their curiosity to discover everything and everything is there in full force. This is when your baby will also learn many new skills, like picking up a toy and putting it in their mouth, at this stage everything goes in the mouth, feet included. I love watching little ones roll on to their back and discover their feet, it’s fascinating to them like, where did these come from?! Amazing! I love to capture this during our baby photography session.

My baby photography sessions are baby led, my aim is to capture your little ones’ personality along with their tiny details, my favorites are love long eyelashes and soft baby curls.

Inside my studio, I have a range of beautiful clothing, props and toys all available to use during your session, so you needn’t worry about bringing anything with you.

Maternity Photoshoot

Bump Photography

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Family Photoshoot (In the Studio or on Location)

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Family memories are those sweet moments that are experienced together, with your loved ones. These days, children grow up ever so quickly and the time while they are sill young is so sacred, the years come and go so quickly. My job is to capture the memories for you, so that you can look back and remember the moments.

Family & child photography sessions take place at a special location of your choice, the location plays an important part as these shoots are unique and personalised, completely tailored around your requirements and it is all about you!

The most important thing is that the shoot is fun and relaxed, we could take the dog for a walk in the woods, plan a family picnic, go to the park, or climb a tree. The possibilities are endless; let your imagination run wild!

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